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Commerce ManagementRafter Cloud Store

Rafter Cloud StoreTM

The ideal solution for schools without a
physical bookstore.

  • The only comprehensive textbook rental program
  • Mobile-ready, easily branded, financial-aid friendly
  • Highest sales volume, commission rates, and profits
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Grow Profits by Serving Your
Students Better

By serving your students who shop online, a Rafter Cloud Store can deliver higher
profits than any other online solution.

Up to 100% Rental Coverage

Your students save big money with the only comprehensive rental program of
any online bookstore provider, offering up to 80% off retail on up to 100% of
their bookbag.

Student-Friendly Options

Students enjoy easy access to financial aid, five rental options, a 21-day satisfaction
guarantee, free shipping both ways, and local pick-ups and drop-offs if you choose.

Success Story

73% of the students at Central Baptist College chose Rafter in the first
semester after it launched, saving an average of $198 per order (or $69,000
total). 100% said that it was easy to find the books they needed and checkout.
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  • Human Experience

    A dead simple interface that is the product of
    over five years of testing and re-testing to see
    what produces the most sales and the happiest
  • Easy Textbook Discovery

    With over 11 million titles, easy searching
    capabilities, and a peer rating system, professors
    can easily find the best titles.
  • Robust Reporting Tools

    User-friendly tools display real time traffic, orders,
    and revenue, and lets you download customer
    and sales data.
  • Rafter Cloud Stores

  • The Rafter Cloud Store is the branded online and mobile store that
    attracts the most students, thereby generating the largest profits.
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