Rafter Content Ecosystem

Everyone wins on Rafter

At Rafter, we see educational content as a whole ecosystem centered around students and
the schools that serve them. From author to student, Rafter is enabling this ecosystem to
evolve to support more innovative approaches to curriculum, lower the cost of education,
and help more students graduate.


Save a ton of money with easy access to more affordable course materials
on campus, online, and on your phone.

You shouldn't have to go without important course materials because they cost too much, and you
shouldn't have to search high and low for a decent price. When your school runs on Rafter, you
can choose from a wide selection of affordable course materials right on campus, online, or
anywhere you want to shop.


Improve classroom engagement with robust, easy to use tools to discover and
adopt the best educational content.

Rafter helps you make more informed decisions and find the best educational content for your
classes, and because we make it more accessible and affordable for students, they are more likely to
show up for class prepared and engaged.

Rafter gives you access to a vast database of information and ratings on more than 11 million titles so
you can choose the best materials for your class. Then we make it easy to adopt the materials
through a simple interface that sends those adoptions directly to your school and college bookstore.

College Stores

Grow your business by being your students’ best and first choice for
course materials.

Students want to shop with you, they just want to know they’re getting a fair price. Rafter helps you
build a more competitive course materials business with the industry’s most advanced commerce,
supply and content solutions.


Efficient course materials management lowers the cost of education for your
students and improves educational outcomes.

Educational content is undergoing a massive transformation, and schools that take the lead in
delivering higher quality content at lower cost can attract, retain and graduate more students.
Rafter makes it easy to manage the entire course materials ecosystem across students,
educators, IT, and your college store.


An avalanche of digital content is approaching your campus, are you ready?

Rapidly evolving technologies are changing the way physical and digital content are delivered on
campus. What was once the sole domain of the college store now requires a technical strategy for
the delivery of content from hundreds of providers on campus.

Rafter provides campuses with a unified platform for the management and delivery of educational
content of all kinds.

Content Distributors

You want to reach millions of students. We can help.

Rafter helps content distributors participate in a new, efficient and transparent market
for educational content. With access to hundreds of schools and millions of students,
Rafter provides tremendous scale and reach for publishers, distributors, wholesalers,
and more.

Content Creators

Whether you’re writing a book or developing an application, Rafter helps you
build a business around your content.

The traditional paths for content on campus are changing, giving content providers an opportunity
to reach millions of students through an open, efficient and transparent platform that lets
educators easily find and adopt your content.