The Rafter Platform

Rafter is modernizing the entire educational content ecosystem, from publisher to student, and
everything in-between. We’re enabling a new open ecosystem for the next 100 years.

  • Content Management
  • Supply Management
  • Commerce Management

Content Management

Bring the best educational content of today and tomorrow to your campus. Give students a better learning experience at lower
costs, help educators discover and adopt content with ease, and easily and efficiently collect, track, and manage your
adoptions and content.

All-New Rafter Adopt

Pen and paper just got an upgrade.

Manage and track content adoption choices with ease and
accuracy using this online service that saves faculty time,
lowers book costs, and helps you save students money.
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Any content. Anywhere. On any device.

Enable educators and students to use the most innovative content on the planet, while the Rafter Platform automatically
manages all the hard stuff, like commerce, customer support, accounting, and returns.

Rafter Discover

Because knowledge is power.

Give your faculty a modern, unbiased tool to
help them choose the content that provides the
best learning outcome for their students. Review
what other educators are using and
recommending, compare prices between
editions, and more for 11 million books, eBooks,
and digital content titles.
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A modern supply solution

Plug into a broad selection of content at low prices. Conveniently acquire everything you need -
new textbooks, used textbooks, rentals, e-books, and digital - from one national source.

Introducing Rafter Supply

Open, affordable supply.

Rafter Supply enables college stores to source
course materials from other bookstores, wholesalers,
distributors and publishers at lower costs giving
them the ability to bring students the widest
selection and lowest prices possible.
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Lower Costs for You = Better Prices for Your Students

In today's world of online price shopping, students know the true market value of a used book. Schools on Rafter have access to
prices that follow the market, enabling you to sell and rent books for less while still earning a good margin.

92% of rentals
are returned at
the end of the
Only 30% of books bought in campus stores
are returned during buyback.

Rental Returns Are The New Buyback

The dramatic growth of rentals has caused buybacks
to dwindle. Rafter Supply™ enables schools to claim
rental returns for their own inventory, giving them
enhanced access to affordable supply of used books
right on their own campus. Best of all, it works with
existing systems and industry standard processes making
it easy to implement.

e-Textbooks from
Vitalsource® BookShelf®

VitalSource is the most advanced e-textbook platform in the
world. Students get three-way access to their books: full-book
download, online, and mobile. Notes and highlights
automatically stay in sync — no matter where they are made.

Commerce Management

Save your students money, grow your business, and increase the quality of service you provide by leveraging the
latest technology to offer a world-class shopping experience in store, online, or on any mobile device.

Rafter EasyRentTM

The World's Best Rental Program
(from the people who invented textbook rentals)

With savings of up to 80%, it's no surprise students demand
rentals on campus. Rafter EasyRent helps schools offer the
widest selection and best prices on rentals in a store, online, or
on any mobile device. EasyRent integrates with Sequoia Retail
solutions and can seamlessly run any wholesaler rental
program for even wider selection and lower prices.
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Cutting Edge Retail
Solutions for Your Store

Easy for you. Fast for students.

Rafter gives you the latest and greatest technology to make
in-store transactions a breeze. Shorten your lines and process
any transaction using RapidCheckout™, using devices like they
use in Apple stores. Process any transaction or rental return
with any mobile device, PC, or retail POS.
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No Bookstore? No Problem!

Rafter Cloud Stores have you covered.

Entirely online, easily branded, and mobile ready, schools with or without a
brick-and-mortar bookstore can offer best-in-class price, selection, and
service and save their students up to 80% on their course materials. Any title
will be available to purchase – both new and used – and most major titles
will be rentable. Delighting your students and saving them money has never
been easier.
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83% of students who used Rafter’s rental platform chose to rent
their textbooks versus buy.

Price IQTM: The Ultimate Pricing Machine

Win market share with better pricing.

Price IQ lets you view current market pricing, historical pricing trends, and future price projections for any book. Now you can make real time price
adjustments to maximize revenue, leverage your local advantage, and recapture market share.
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Marketing Services

Reaching your students has never been easier.

Rafter helps you drive foot traffic and sales with complimentary
and powerful email marketing and in-store marketing material.
Rafter not only drives new sales, the Rafter Platform also ensures
that your rentals come back into your store using automatic
email and SMS reminders.
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